Dated archives for custom post types in WordPress

Thursday, June 26, 2014

WordPress 3.0 was released in the summer of 2010. It was an exciting time for WordPress developers. It was when WordPress really finally grew up and become a full fledged CMS, no doubt about it. A big part of that release was full support for custom post types (CPTs). All was roses and sunshine, lollipops and unicorns…until….you had a project that used CPTs and needed dated archives for them! That’s when you discovered that wp_get_archives() does not support custom post types. What!? How can this be possible. Nooooooo! It’s true though. It was true then and unfortunately still true today.

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Custom WP_query and Pagination

Monday, August 19, 2013

Unfortunately to this day there isn’t a lot of good information about pagination with a custom post type wp_query. It’s very surprising considering the endless uses for custom post types (CPT) and how long they have been past of WordPress. Additionally of the information out there about this a lot of it is unclear or in my opinion not the best advice. Anyway, moving on, I am here today to hopefully help someone out with this.

There are 3 ways that I would suggest to tackle the problem, though I strongly recommend option #1. Alright, time to dig in!

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CL3.0 Refresh (and Blog sort of refreshed)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

I’m very pleased and excited to finally re-launch Creative Logic’s website! As an independent contractor, it’s very hard to find time to work on your own website. Creative Logic is just so busy helping clients exceed their expectations, there is little time to look inward to our own website. But the time had come. We needed a modern website. A responsive website. A better website. And I think we now have that. Please enjoy our new website on your screen size and device of choice!

Now for the blog. Well it’s a new look. But there isn’t much to it right now I will admit. However, we may reserve using the blog area for future experiments and improvements that we can then bring to you!

Best regards,

Trevor Robertson
Creative Logic Web Development

Make Some Noise (or Music)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FL Studio 10If you are music junky then I have good news for you… FL Studio 10 has been launched!

FL Studio is an powerful piece of music production, recording, editing software that comes at a great price. And the price is even better when you consider that you get free upgrades…for life! I’m already into my third upgrade of the software since I purchased it a couple of years ago.

So whether you’ve been interested in making music, have played around with music production before (with something LOW powered like Voice Recorder in Windows!!), or are seriously into music I would recommend giving this software a try.

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